Financial website designs

Financial websites should be designed to look trustworthy, have great user interface design and big call to action buttons.

I like them to have a clean homepage (not get to much information thrown at you) and prefer the use of earthy elements in design. I browsed the web and searched for websites that match these requirements, below my selection of favorites.


Easy readable outlay, striking call to action buttons.

lendingclub.com homepage design

Bank of Hawai

Great use of the blue color, nice top menu with fixed position, gentle use of shades and textures.

Bank of Hawaii homepage design

Robeco Investment Bank

Beautiful full width image slider, simple but effective outlay.

robeco webiste homepage design

Bank with BOS

Clean and minimal design, nice use of the red base color.

bankwithbos homepage design

Bank of New Zealand

Attractive search bar, responsive layout and a slick design.

Bank of New Zealand website design

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