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Koen van Dieren proudly sponsors “This Thai Life” Podcast

I’m proud to sponsor the November edition of the popular This Thai Life podcast. This Thai Life is a monthly podcast that focuses on different aspects of life in Thailand, mainly on matters of interest to expats.

In this specific podcast types of pop culture in Thailand are explored and how that culture has changed over the last twenty years. We get this perspective from someone who has not only lived through it but became a part of Thailand’s cultural scene.

Note Pongsuang gives us his perspective on music from Britpop to K-Pop. He waxes lyrical about the art scene from his days at Silapakorn University to comics to the state of the fine arts scene in Thailand today.

He also provides us with an insight into his own work as promoter, DJ, graphic designer, writer, entrepreneur and artist.

You can listen to the podcast on the This Thai Life website.

Note Pongsuang - pop culture Thailand

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