hua hin martial arts

Broa BJJ Hua Hin

Broa BJJ Hua Hin is a martial art studio located in Hua Hin, offering personalized and group Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trainings for all ages and genders.

Website Project Scope

As a Bangkok-based freelance web designer, I had the privilege of crafting a mobile-responsive, and user-centric website for a martial art studio in Hua Hin. The aim was to create a digital space that serves as an engaging and intuitive portal to their studio.

The resulting website blends simplicity with modern aesthetics, presenting an engaging and clutter-free design. Strategically placed call-to-action buttons augment user interaction, emphasizing my focus on effective website functionality.

In line with SEO best practices, the website has been optimized for enhanced visibility in search engine results, attracting more visitors and potential customers to Broa BJJ Hua Hin.

A defining attribute of the website is its fast load speed, delivering a seamless user experience. Backed by a robust security system, the website offers an extra layer of protection to both the client and their users.

This project was brought to life using the versatile WordPress platform, renowned for its user-friendly content management system. This ensures effortless future updates and scalability, supporting Broa BJJ Hua Hin’s growth in the long run.

  • Developed with WordPress CMS
  • Website hosting setup
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Optimized for tablet and phone
  • SSL certificate