I designing & developing websites

I enjoy my work, website development is my passion. I’m constantly inspired by seeing work from other webdesigners and hold my own work to equally high levels of standard and innovation.

I value my clients and ensure that the professional relationship I cultivate with each one is at the highest level of trust and honesty. I take pride in knowing that my clients are happy with my services.

I am confident in the work I do and the results I achieve. But rather than hearing it from me, here is what my clients have to say:

koen van dieren - freelance web designer - web design bangkok thailand

“We have found Koen van Dieren an inventive web designer, who can combine different briefings – graphic design, functionality, “look-and-feel” – and turn them into a well-working website.

He knows how to collaborate at a distance, in skype calls or in emails, and knows how to explain details of website building when it is necessary for decision making.

We look forward to working with him on new projects!”

Babette GreinerCoordinator - Tenso Network Europe

“I had the pleasure of working with Koen on a website design project. He delivered on time and exceeded my expectations.

Koen just gets the job done.

He knows WordPress inside out and genuinely cares about the end result. He’s also a great guy to work with.”

Scott BennetSales & Marketing - Lift Marketing

“I have been working with various website developers in the past and I can confirm that Koen is qualified, efficient, reactive and reliable.

He delivered a clean website for Grand Marina Pranburi, according to expectations, and we will entrust him for website maintenance and upgrades in the future.”

Louis CousinMarketing Manager - Grand Marina Pranburi

“Koen has developed our website in a clear and adequate way.

For questions and maintenance of the site he keeps in touch and gives a hand when necessary to solve problems at short notice.

A good support with technical know-how of WordPress.

Rik van DolderenOwner - VDVDP Architecten

“Starting my own medical practice was not easy at all. These days you can’t avoid having your own website. All I knew about websites was that they might be useful and you can build one yourself.

Now I’m glad I did not, because with the one Koen created for me I’m far better off. You can even visit my site on a smartphone!!

The process of building it was very convenient: via skype. Koen also showed me how to adjust things in the content.

Although my company is very small, he convinced me of taking a professional website and I must say it really works!”

Dr. Jeroen HamerPhlebologist - spataderen-amsterdam.nl

“I worked with Koen on our company’s web page and we were very happy with his approach for the lay-out and design and set-up (CMS, Plugins, Wizards, etc).

He was always available and open for new changes, gave valid and helpful recommendations how to improve the web page performance and showed support in setting up blogs and web content.

He is flexible, easy and very pragmatic when it comes to what is necessary and what is not. I am definitely looking forward in working on future projects with Koen. ”

Kathrin PuffDirector - Powered by Grapes PTE. LTD.

“Koen is a knowledgeable web developer. He works well from a brief and brings more to the table while working with minimal fuss while delivering great work in tight time frames.

He communicates well, keeps excellent records and is a joy to work with. Having employed Koen on over a dozen projects and counting.

I can highly rate him if you are looking for a WordPress web developer.”

“I’ve know Koen since 2013 and have worked with him on various online and digital marketing web-projects. The flow of our shared work has been very productive with good results and feedback received from end users.

I personalty call him the “+1 guy” as he always gives 1 (unit of work) more than my expectation.

He is quite knowledgeable in WordPress and resourceful on online marketing terms and processes; (Both Theory and Practice). He can discuss complex web terms in a very clear manner, he is also to the point with his comments and due diligent in his agreements.

All in all our working relationship is ongoing and improving.”

Paris KouyoumdjianDirector of Marketing - Artinian

“I highly recommend Koen’s website development work. I came across his company through a web search and decided to take a chance (it’s never easy to know who will be a great service provider just from their website).

Koen is highly structured. He asks you what you want and then he delivers it. In fact he delivered exactly what we wanted on the first iteration. No complications, no fuss, just clear instruction and clear delivery. I really could not ask for more.”

“Koen recently designed us a new website which launched this week at www.represent.asia. He was fantastic to work with and very quickly understood the look & feel we were looking for, as well as making his own very valuable input into the design.

The work process was very smooth and easy with regular communication, and the project came in on time and on budget, which is always nice.

I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for a slick, affordable corporate website, and also to anyone running a WordPress site who needs technical help.”

Tim RussellCofounder & CMO - Representasia Co., Ltd.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Koen on the Bangkok Casuals League project during the last 7 months.

Since the projects inception which included the build of a new website and site maintenance – I have found Koen to be great to work with.

He is extremely competent, efficient and patient with his customers. I would have no reservations recommending Koen and his services to any of my friends”

Craig MasseyBusiness Development Manager at PRTR

“I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience in dealing with your company. Your pleasant and genuine mannerism combined with your enthusiasm and confidence gave me an immediate sense of comfort, knowing that I was finally working with a professional.

You treat customers with respect and I was never left waiting or wondering with questions. This sets your company apart from all others that I have worked with.

I appreciate the hard work, diligence and competence you have shown in completing my website in a timely manner.

Richard van der KieftOwner NLB Co., Ltd. - Nederlands Leren in Bangkok

“I am working and worked on some projects with Koen.

He’s direct, honest and good at what he does, looking forward to many more projects!!!”

Dereck HoogenkampOwner - Thai Realty Group

“Koen was great to work with and we’re really happy with our new website. He provides a responsive and personal service from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a WordPress site for your business, Koen’s your man”

Rob Atkinson Marketing Manager - Open Destinations

“한국 화장품 브랜드인 라벨영으로 태국시장에 진출하고자 방콕에 회사를 설립하고 사무실을 오픈했습니다. 한국 온라인 마켓에서 많은 매출을 올리고 있는 라벨영 브랜드에 걸맞는 웹사이트를 구축하면서도, 가성비가 뛰어나고 실력있는 웹개발자를 방콕에서 찾아야만 했습니다. 다양한 웹사이트 개발 회사와 디자이너들을 컨택한 결과, 위의 조건을 충족하는 선택인 바로 코엔과의 협업이었습니다. 웹개발자이지만 디자인적인 요소에서 조언을 받을 수도 있었으며, 워드프레스를 기반으로 구축된 웹사이트는 개발 이후의 관리가 저에 의해서 지속적으로 이루어질 수 있어, 신제품이 나오거나 이벤트를 열 때마다 개발자에게 부탁하는 형식이 아닌 제가 직접 원하는 시간에 업데이트가 가능한 점이 최고의 강점이었습니다. 이러한 이점 이외에도 코엔은 매사에 협조적이고 밝은 성격을 가지고 있어 항상 함께 일하는 시간이 흥미롭고 즐거웠습니다. 태국, 특히 방콕에서 사업을 시작하는 스타트업이라면 워드프레스의 강점과 본인 사업전략이 잘 매칭된다면 주저없이 코엔에게 연락하십시오. 코엔이 태국 온라인 마켓에 진출할 수 있는 멋진 채널을 열어줄 것이라 확신합니다.”

Charles H. ParkManaging Director - Labelyoung Thailand

“Working with Koen on the development of our website was an absolute pleasure. His ability to both listen and clearly understand our specific requirements made the entire process from inception to completion hassle and stress free.

Koen’s high level of expertise and professionalism was apparent from our very first contact. Not only did he understand our requirements, but offered many suggestions on layout and design that we might not have considered ourselves. Koen’s attention to detail was outstanding.

I am more than happy to give Koen’s business my strongest recommendation.”

Richard McDonaldCo-founder - VUECAMS

“Koen has build a very professional website for my safaricompany.

He provides a site that is easy to maintain and he gave us the support we needed to be able to do that ourselves.”

Alina de VilderDirector - Mindful Adventure

“He understands, is easy to work with and delivers.”

Derrick TengHead - Gatekeeper Ventures